Alone but not forsaken

She stares at the plate of french fries set before her. Joyfully, she munches away the delight of deep-fried masala. A couple of bites down the road and she sighs. The familiar buzz of traffic and miscellaneous conversations fills the atmosphere. She glances at her phone. “What could he be upto now?” she questions thoughtfully. The days have gone by and he’s still nowhere to be seen. “He must be having the time of his life,” she concludes. She smiles. But it’s not all smiles. Nay! For he is not with her: sharing in this delight, sharing in the most beautiful things life has to offer. A tinge of anger and a myriad of questions set in. The most important one being: “When will he be back?” The subtle cry of a longing heart. She dials and calls…

Mzee sits by the fireplace and looks around. He is fulfilled. The farm is booming. It promises to be a good year: a good harvest. We all know what that means. 🙄 The kids get to go to school: the best schools. There’s food in the house; plus a little extra cash for some luxuries. Salaries will be paid on time and the extra profits guarantee a bonus. The workers will be extra grateful for the blessing he had been to his humble community. But who shall share in this joy? Who can relate with this experience without necessarily asking for money to do this and that? And where, oh where is his family…?

“Boom boom twaff!” This is not the familiar groove of funky music. On the contrary, it is the sound of the stamp hitting the counter once again. It’s been done so frequently, that this young gentleman is actually tempted to move his body to the rhythmical sound. 😃 The banking hall is full. People want their money. He has to be fast.

The day is finally over. It’s been pretty hard working the till without sufficient knowledge. Constant referrals given to customers can be pretty embarrassing. Its been quite a journey. He reminisces, and looks around. Nobody to share his struggles with. He turns off the light and strolls into the dusk of the city night…

Life circumstances can decide to force us into seclusion. We are robbed of the joy in just talking to someone. We are choked of the room to feel genuinely accepted and loved. We turn to anything to distract us from this painful reality: work, books, games, parties…

I guess it always comes back: a desperate longing for belonging. Some take it further and begin a gruesome search for identity. But one will always have to face disappointment at some stage. Nobody can fully satisfy the needs of the other.

Yet, deep satisfying truths we find: we have been loved and accepted by The One who is above: above our daily worries, above our deepest fears and insecurities. A desperate call Christ makes: that we may turn to Him. We may quite frankly feel alone but we are not forsaken. He is ready for us…

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